Pilates & Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy and Pilates combines both manual physical therapy and exercise to treat orthopedic, dance, and sports related injuries, help to reduce chronic pain, or provide a balanced strengthening and flexibility program:                              

Services offered:

  1. Bullet Soft tissue mobilization

  2. Bullet Joint mobilization

  3. Bullet Manipulative therapy

  4. Bullet Trigger point massage

  5. Bullet Pilates mat

  6. Bullet Pilates rehabilitation

  7. Bullet Pulsed Electromagnetic

  8. Bullet Frequency therapy

  9. Bullet Dance medicine/rehabilitation

  10. Bullet Movement training

  11. Bullet Exercise design


Conveniently located in Excelsior District in San Francisco

For appointments  call or email at: kollmannshirley@yahoo.com

(415) 699-4232